8 Common Air Conditioning Problems and Troubleshooting Guide

Using an air conditioner in a room can help us to enjoy the coolness. No matter where you are located, you are relying on air conditioning during the summer. However, not everything will go smoothly. There are some common problems that we usually find on the air conditioner. As people who care about quality, you have to know them and can at least take best troubleshooting.

check air conditioning problem 8 Common Air Conditioning Problems and Troubleshooting Guide

#1. Hot Temperatures

This is a common problem when your air conditioner is not able to create cool air. Instead, the room is still hot, or it could be hotter. What is going on? You need to understand that an air conditioner is made up of 2 components. They are the evaporator and condenser. Evaporator has the function to spout the cold wind that is produced by the condenser. So, if it is not cold, there may be a problem with the condenser. Typically, the condenser is in a dirty or dusty state so you can check and clean it up. But, there may be other reasons such as the position of the AC, so it is not able to reach an optimal space.

#2. Leakage

It is also common in AC. There are water droplets in the air conditioning. In fact, it can be very troublesome and cause the room to be dirty. In the AC, there is a sewer. Supposedly, it can drain the dirt or dust in the air conditioning. Well, it may be that there is a problem on the line. However, there are also some other reasons such as a mistake in installing the drain pipe. Also, the size of the refrigerant is too small.

#3. Smelling

Certainly, it is very annoying when there is a bad odor from the air conditioner. It is caused by bacteria from dirty evaporator. When it is very annoying, you should immediately clean it up. You have to do a chemical treatment to clean it up optimally and carefully.

#4. Noisy

What is happening when there is noise from the air conditioner? Basically, it is a machine. And, you think that it is normal. However, it cannot go unpunished. The problem lies in the condenser or evaporator that is dirty so it begs the vibrations. Also, there may be some damage to the components in the air conditioner.

#5. Evaporator Problems

There are many problems in the evaporator. As you know, maybe it is dirty or dusty. Well, you have to clean it carefully with open and unpack it. Do not let it dirty for a long time because it will cause corrosion.

#6. The Self Treatment

We recommend that you clean it regularly. You can wash the air filter as well as the board of spare parts, two weeks. Do it carefully, and you can read a guide book.

#7. The Service Schedule

Well, the most appropriate solution is to rely on a professional service. You can do it every three months. Maybe, it will be a little confiscate budget, but you have to manage schedules right in caring for and cleaning the air conditioner. Sometimes, it can indeed take a lot of time, especially due to the length of use. So, when you have got a new air conditioner, you can count the time is right for the next few months. Well, it is better to prevent, rather than letting it all so bad, right?

#8. Finding a Good Service

It still deals with the problem of cleaning services. Indeed, you should not be looking for a service at random. The only solution is to rely on a service with a good reputation. Fortunately, we can easily find a lot of services. If you think about the budget, you can negotiate about spare parts and maintenance.

Now, please prepare the best care for your air conditioner. You must be able to resolve any issues appropriately with regular time.

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