How to Add Privacy to Your Yard

Adding privacy to your deck and yard is easy if you put your mind to it. What you have to realize is that a privacy fence or barrier isn’t only just for privacy – it is also a safety fence. If you have cats or dogs – or even kids – your fence will be a barrier to keep them out of the street, or out of harm’s way. Moreover, your privacy fence or barrier will be a theft deterrent. Studies show that homes with a fence are much less likely to be broken into. Why is this? Basically, it’s because thieves want to have a clear way to look out of the house so that they don’t get caught. In order to add a privacy fence to your yard, you want to think about all of your options and you want to take a number of important steps. Here is how to add privacy to your yard.

  1. Start with delineating your property line – if you can’t find your property line, you may want to look at county records. The last thing you want is to build a fence or barrier and then have to take it down. When you find out where your property line is, you want to draw a line so that you know where to plant the posts.
  2. Decide if you want a fence, a hedge or some other type of barrier – trees can also make an excellent barrier. If you have pets, however, you may want to go for a sturdy fence. For instance, you can contact a company like Yard Dog Fencing & Decks to get a quote. In most cases, a simple wood fence won’t cost you too much money.
  3. Hedges make a great option because they add an element of greenery – plus, they may help cool down your home. One downside to hedges, however, is that they can be hard to maintain and you will need a professional landscaper to have them cut and trimmed. However, there are some hedge varieties that you can let grow wild – so that you aren’t trimming every single weekend.
  4. Add a layer of privacy – another way to subtly add privacy is to add a layer of greenery. This option is actually a lot less expensive and time consuming, because you won’t need to maintain a hedge. All you need to do is plant various layers of tall shrubbery and flowers, so that you have a thick barrier around your home. When it comes to layering, it is much easier to go with native plants because they will grow the quickest and hardiest.
  5. Stone fencing – if you want something a little more impenetrable, you may want to build a stone fence. Typically, these types of fences are built with large boulders that are layered on top of each other – much the same way that bricks would be laid. In the end, a stone wall may be slightly more expensive, but if you have the budget, it can boost the aesthetic appeal of your home.

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