5 Benefits of Buying a Home in a Planned Community

There is a good chance that you have seen or heard about planned or gated communities. However, there is a good chance that you don’t know much about them. A planned community is basically a neighborhood developed by a group of property investors. A plot of land is chosen – usually somewhere idyllic, but not too far away from the center of town – and homes are built on the land. After the homes are built, homebuyers are invited to survey the properties and buy in. In most cases, planned communities are developed not only for commercial interests, but also to provide families and individuals with a better quality of life in a world that is becoming more and more overcrowded. Here are five benefits of buying a home in a planned community.

  1. It is often safer to live in a gated community than other parts of town – there is usually a guard at the gate and the neighborhood itself has virtually no crime. It is, in essence, the ideal place to raise a family. If you live in the city – or even close to the city – you will be dealing with everything from break-ins to other issues that are more commonly associated with urban areas.
  2. It is more idyllic and beautiful than living in a city – it is even more beautiful than living in other suburbs that may have old or outdated homes. Not only that – many gated communities offer new homeowners the ability to customize the homes accordingly. Indeed, if you purchase a home at CastleRock Communities, you may be able to build your home from scratch with all the specifications that you want.
  3. It is great place to socialize with other families – if you have children, there will be plenty of kids in the neighborhood to play with. Also, there will be plenty of other parents that you can socialize and commiserate with. When it comes down to it, it can be hard to find this sense of camaraderie in any other living environment. Planned communities have been designed for socializing.
  4. It is more affordable than living in the city or in an unplanned, non-gated community – the homes generally go for a lower rate. Also, utilities are often cheaper too, because all of the systems have been modernized. In an older part of town, you may have to pay extra for some utilities. Moreover, if you want to live further away from the city, you may have to invest in a septic tank system, which will cost money in the short term and the long term – especially with maintenance.
  5. It is more convenient than living in the city – with your homeowner’s fees and other maintenance costs, you won’t need to worry about degradation and blight. Indeed, there is usually a gardener who will maintain your landscaping and the roads will be taken care of too, which means no potholes. In the end, if there is any blight, there are homeowner rules that make sure it doesn’t last, which means that graffiti and other damages get cleaned up right away.

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