How to Landscape Your Home With Patio Pavers

When you think of landscaping your yard, your first inclination is probably to start looking at plants. You may want to install large swaths of grass, islands featuring trees, shrubs, and flowers, drought-resistant installations, or gardens that provide fruits and vegetables for your table. But there’s actually a lot more to landscaping than the flora you select. Landscaping should account for both beauty and function, turning your outdoor spaces into a usable extension of your home. And pavers can play a major role in both the function and aesthetic of your outdoor rooms. Here are just a few ways you can landscape your home using patio pavers.

The most obvious use is for a patio – it’s right in the name of the product. And this is what most people will build when they purchase pavers for use in their yard. The good news is that it doesn’t take a lot of skill or experience to place pavers in your yard to create a usable patio space. That said, you can get really creative with the project, using a variety of stone pavers to lay out an artistic pattern. You can nest pavers in grass or fill in the gaps with moss, concrete, or gravel, depending on the look you like and how permanent you want your installation to be. And you can easily extend your efforts, placing pavers throughout your yard to create pathways to delineate planting areas or lead you to destinations like a pond, a bench, or other structures on your property (shed, garage, etc.).

But you needn’t stop there. With pavers coming in so many sizes, shapes, and materials, it should come as no surprise that they have myriad other uses when it comes to landscaping your yard. For example, you can stack them to create retaining walls if you want to make better use of a sloped yard by building terraces or if you simply want to add height to planter beds. You could also create free-standing planter boxes in your yard – to delineate between the patio and grassy areas. Or you might build a fire pit with pavers.

Pavers could also increase the function of your space by adding to available seating. If you can use them to build a retaining wall, there’s no reason you can’t create borders from stone pavers that add both visual appeal and a place to take a load off. By including low, stone walls in your landscaping layout and design, you can beautifully break up the space in your yard and give family and friends extra places to sit without getting grass stains on their clothing.

In truth, you are only limited by your imagination when it comes to the use of pavers as part of your landscaping. While patios and pathways made of Teton stone are certainly the most common way to include pavers, you can do so much more when you start considering how these products may be used to your benefit. Whether you want a place to walk or sit, you’re looking to break up your space, or you want to keep your planter beds in place, pavers can offer the beauty and function you seek when you’re planning to landscape around your home.

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