5 DIY Carpet Steam Cleaning Tips and Tricks

How do you know if it’s time to steam clean your carpets? One of the best ways to know is to quickly glance at your carpet. If there are large stains and other unsightly marks, it may be time. The truth of the matter is that if you don’t take measures to clean your carpet, it may become permanently stained and ruined. As a result, you will have to install a brand new carpet, which can be quite expensive. When it comes down to it, simply steam cleaning your carpet will make it look new again. Moreover, steam cleaning your carpet will also kill germs, bacteria and mold. Here are five DIY carpet steam cleaning tips and tricks.

  1. Make sure that the room is totally prepped before you start steam cleaning. Before you get to steam cleaning, you want to prep the room. This means that you need to remove all detritus from the floor and you need to conduct a preliminary vacuum of the carpet – just to get the big items out of the carpet.
  2. Make sure that all furniture is removed from the room. After the room and carpet is prepped, you can then move the furniture out of the room. This is important, because you want to be sure that you cover the entire carpet when you steam clean it. Ideally, you want to move the furniture to a safe part of your home where it can’t be damaged. When you do move the furniture, you may want to vacuum underneath couches, chairs and perhaps your coffee table.
  3. Make sure that you place plastic or tape on your floorboards. In order to prevent any damage to your walls, you want to add painter’s tape or plastic to the floorboards before you steam clean carpet┬ástains and discoloring. When you are working with steam, the moisture can actually cause damage. Moreover, the vacuum can cause denting and scuff marks, which you will want to prevent. If you have white walls, the last thing you want is to have scuff marks on your floorboards.
  4. Make sure that you rent a steam cleaner vacuum. If you were to hire a professional carpet cleaner, like ServiceKnights, they may use a professional, industrial-grade machine to steam clean your carpets. If you are doing your own carpets, you will probably need to rent a vacuum cleaner. You can do this by visiting your local hardware store or find a location where they lease out steam cleaners. You may also be able to pick up a steam cleaner from the supermarket.
  5. Make sure that you cordon off the area that has just been steam cleaned. On top of everything, you want to cordon off the area where you just steam cleaned so that you can allow the carpet to dry. The last thing you want is for your dogs’ muddy paws to get into the freshly cleaned carpet. In the end, all you have to do is block out the area where you cleaned and wait a few days for the carpets to dry.

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