8 Outdoor Home Maintenance Checklist

Home is your investment, and it needs high maintenance, especially the exterior area. When it comes to seasons, home needs proper attention and care which might different from one season to another as listed in the following.

#1. The Spring Comes, It’s Time to Chase the Leaves

When the spring comes, you need to clean leaves as well as gunk; it is estimated to be established during winter. The downspouts should be flushed with water, and gutters are meant to be set in order to drain.

#2. Observe the Exterior and Interior

You should check whether the house’s exterior needs repair or not. There might be exterior wall that has damaged bricks, chipping paint, or loose siding which all of them need to be renewed by professional immediately. As for the interior, if you have some benches, and patio furniture, they surely need your treatment. Clean them as well as the cushions in order to get free from dirt and stain. If there is any, wash the old cushion cover and change to a new one.outdoor furniture repair

#3. Check the Roof

Your house’s roofs could be leaked or damaged that occurs during the winter: therefore, you need to check them around vents, chimneys, and skylights to see if there are missing or loose shingles.

#4. Check the Deck on Summer

The deck should be beautiful, as your house should be looked from outside. On summer, do please concern your deck. You are better to wash it down and repair the loose posts or boards.

#5. Inspect the Porch

During fall, you should inspect and check the porch just in case it has the uneven stairs and loose railings.outdoor deck furniture designs

#6. Check the Patio

Besides, in fall, you need also to check other outdoor areas such as patios, sidewalks, and driveways. You should repair and reseal both cracks and holes in order to protect against the water damage and expanding ice.

#7. Flush the Pipes and the Tank

The pipes in your outdoor home’s areas do also need your special attention. If you do not want to have a home with frozen pipes, you are required to flush the outdoor faucets and remove the garden houses. Besides, the valves and winterize sprinkle system should be turned off. However, ask the manufacture’s recommendation to do this. Besides, every home must have a septic tank which also needs the owner’s concern. Get your tank professionally checked. The tank is better to be pumped regularly every year.

#8. Check the Hardware’s Door

You should also check the exterior door hardware. If there is any squeaky handles and loose locks, fix and repair them.

By following the tips above, your home will be as homey as it should be as it gets regular treatment and maintenance that can be done both monthly and ever season.

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