8 Painting Tips and Ideas on How To Decorate Your Bathroom

Painting is one of the easiest and cheapest decorating ideas for a room including a bathroom. However, since bathroom is a moist space that is used for soaking and showering, then the ways to paint this room would be different from other rooms in a house.

#1. Pick the Most Appropriate Paint

Before starting the project, you should choose the right paint that can be used for bathroom. Make sure that the paint you are using contains moisture resistance and mold-inhibiting agents so they can be properly applied to the bathroom walls.

#2. Leave the Walls of the Shower Stall with a Different Paint

You cannot use the same paint that you use to paint the walls for the shower walls because they will not work well. Shower stall area should be painted with a bathroom-used paint in the highest gloss. black and white bathroom paint colors

#3. Consider Cleaning the Walls

Before starting to paint the bathroom walls, all the walls should be firstly cleaned because paint cannot stick to walls with dirt and grime. In bathroom, there is usually no dirt, but soap scum instead. Leaving the walls unclean will prevent the paint from sticking to the walls.bathroom towel rails heated

#4. Choose Light and Easy Paint Colors

After deciding the brand and the type of the paint, now you should decide the colors of the paint. The color should be matched with the rest bathroom decor, but a bathroom is a space for retreat so the colors should be at least light and airy.painting bathroom trim white

#5. Trim the Walls in White

White is always the most appropriate color for trims including for bathroom walls. There are some different shades of white to choose from to help you find the most appropriate one.

#6. Use Sponging Technique

Instead of just paint the bathroom walls by applying each coat evenly to the walls, you can consider using a sponging technique to give more textures to the walls. Sponging is easy to do, and it gives a beautiful textured look at the end.

#7. Stencil the Walls

If you do not like sponging, you can stencil the walls with any image that you love to create a certain theme and decor in your bathroom. However, this is quite a difficult project since you need to paint a mural to the wall using paint.

#8. Make a Color-Washed Look

Another texture that you can make in your bathroom is color washing texture. The texture is old and unique since it represents the look of French Country and Tuscan style bathroom, which is quite classic.

These are the tips and ideas you can apply if you are decorating you room.

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