8 Checklist for Preparing House For Rent

Renting out a house is profitable if you have the unoccupied residence. However, there will be so many houses to choose by renters in the similar area you house is settled. This is what requires you to prepare some to do check list as if in the following in order to attract the renter.

#1.Download the Home Inspection Checklist

First thing first, it is better for you to start with downloading and printing a home inspection checklist from internet. Do the walkthrough of your to be rent house with while looking at the list to check the condition of the house. Mark it including the details that seem fail to pass.home renovation tips for rent

#2. Make the Repairing

If you think you need a major repair to your home, do it. You should fix any foundational and structural damages earlier because it might cause other damages which are not expected to appear right when the renter coming to your house. Hire a professional to handle this.

#3. Test Your All House’s Fixtures

You are also required to test the fixtures to know the proper operation by turning and running them for just a short time, approximately in 5 minutes. Ensure that there are no plumbing leaks both at the faucet and pipe. If it is necessary, make any repair for preventing water damage that causes the increase of utility bills. This is important, especially if you do who pay for the bill.

#4. Check the Electrical Terms

Besides fixtures, you need also to check and test the entire light switches and electrical outlets in order to find them that they function properly or not. Ensure that there is no damage such as burns on the outlet’s surface. For the safety side, it is better to have a licensed electrician to do this part.

#5. Make Your House to Be Enchanting

As first impression works, you must make the house to be appealing in order to attract the renter. Clean the house thoroughly not only the visible areas but also the closed ones such as kitchen cabinets and closets. If your carpet is dirty and mouldy, clean and replaced it. Besides, you can refinish the wood floor if there is any scratch or worn.repair ceiling damage

#6.Check the Wall

You also need to observe the wall and floor for it is afraid they have any damage. If the wall has chipped or faded much, it is recommended to repaint it.

#7. Test the Doors

All doors and windows should be tested to ensure that they work practically as they should be. Renter will not be interested to stay in your house whose door is in trouble.

#8. Re-check Everything

For final part, you should recheck everything in the list to ensure that every repair has been completed so that you can relax and wait for the renter to visit.

These eight tips are very essential to do in order to attract the renter who might potentially be interested as well with other property in your own neighbourhood.

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