8 Hardwood Floor Maintenance Checklist

Hardwood floor is truly natural and beautiful. So, cleaning it regularly is important to keep the beautiful look of the flooring. However, there are some things to be put in the checklist before starting to clean hardwood floors.

#1. Vacuum the Floor Weekly

Vacuuming hardwood flooring can remove the dust and dirt on the surface. Vacuuming is better than sweeping to protect the surface of the flooring. Use a brush to the vacuum cleaner and do it every week to prevent the dust from accumulating.

#2. Use Furniture Finish Carefully

When you are trying to maintain the beauty of your hardwood floors with furniture polish, make sure to wipe the polish right after it is applied using a damp cloth. If necessary, you can use a non-ammonia window cleaner to completely clean the polish from the wood.hardwood floor maintenance cleaning

#3. Keep the Rain Out

Water is not good for hardwood flooring. Once it touches the surface, it can ruin the appearance. So, do not let any rain water touches your hardwood flooring by closing your windows and wipe the floors immediately once you find drips of rain water.

#4. Clean any Residue

Spills on hardwood flooring should be cleaned immediately before they become worse and bigger. After wiping the spills, you still need to clean the residue using a no-wax floor cleaner for wood to prevent any dirt damaging the finish of the wood surface. Do not use liquid since it might damage the floor finish.

#5. Learn How to Use Waxes Properly

If your hardwood floors have wax finish, you can rejuvenate it easily using wax. However, if your wood floors’ finish is not wax, never use wax otherwise the floors will make the floors slippery and ruin the original finish. Use the right polish for every different floor finish.hardwood floor maintenance tips

#6. Place a Long Doormat

Removing dirt from your hardwood floor is necessary and one of the best ways to do it is to place a long walk-off doormat about four to six inches to allow you to get the dirt from the shoes rubbed.

#7. Use Rugs to Protect the Floors

In some high traffic areas of the floors, you should make them well protected with rugs to reduce the wear on the floor surface because of heavy use.

#8. Use Soft Cloths for Wiping

Anytime you want to wipe the hardwood floors you should use only soft clothes to prevent any damage or scratch on the surface.

These are 8 things to keep in check when it comes to maintaining hardwood flooring.

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