8 DIY Ideas for Decorating Bedroom Walls

The walls of your bedroom can be adorned and decorated to enhance the aesthetical value of your bedroom decor. There are numerous easy ways that you can do to adorn your bedroom walls.

#1. Paint

Paint is the easiest and the cheapest decorations for the walls. You can paint your bedroom in any color that you want to match the rest colors in the bedroom. This is very easy to do, and the result is so effective for enhancement.white bedroom wallpaper decor

#2. Wallpaper

To bring more patterns and textures, the walls can be adorned with wallpapers. Choose a wall and apply your favorite wallpaper pattern to the wall to build a certain look or theme in your bedroom.

#3. Photos

Photos can be one of the most common decorations for the walls. Choose just two or three photos and frame them in coordinating colors. Hang the photos horizontally on your bedroom wall to increase the appealing in your bedroom. They do not have to be family photos; they can be any photos that you like.

#4. Shelves

If you want a more functional decoration for your wall, consider mounting shelves. If you mount shelves, do not overcrowd them with books and magazines. Place a small lamp and a vase filled with flowers instead and you will find the shelves are really appealing.

#5. Headboard

Although headboard belongs to your bed, placing it against the wall will adorn the space instantly. If your bed does not have a headboard, consider to have one and see the difference.glass bedroom wall lights

#6. Artworks

Some artworks can be hung to your bedroom wall to enhance the appeal. Choose artworks that match the color of the bedroom decor and to build a certain moon in your bedroom. For example, you can have artworks in floral prints or natural views to make your bedroom more relaxing.

#7. Wall decals

Wall decals are available at any home improvement store, but you can also make them by yourself if you want certain unique shapes to be applied to your bedroom walls.

#8. Stickers

Instead of wall decals stickers, they can also be applied to walls, but do not overdoing it. Just add some stickers in the shapes that you like to adorn the walls. Make your own stickers if you want to make them more custom.

You can use several cheap decorative items to adorn your bedroom walls and make the space more appealing just in minutes. No high cost is needed, and no much time is wasted.

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