8 Common Plumbing Problems In Apartments

Every apartment always has some plumbing problems no matter how updated the apartment is. There are always some problems in the plumbing system that make you have to ask the landlord to fix them. Actually there are some things you can do for repairing them before calling the landlord.toilet keeps clogging solution

#1. Toilet Clogging

Clogged toilet is one of the most common plumbing problems in apartment. Since this is very common, it might be an easy problem that every renter can address since almost all of them are experienced in repairing any clog in the toilet. You can purchase a toilet plunger for helping you unclog any clogged toilet problem.

#2. Pipes Frozen

It is a common thing when you find that your pipes are bursting because they are frozen. Pipes can get frozen when it is hit by freezing temperatures. The bursting caused because the pipes are expanded when they are frozen making the water bursting. The bursting can lead to flooding in your apartment. You can prevent the pipes from frozen by letting the bathroom and kitchen faucets make a little drip to allow them flow water and prevent them from freezing.

#3. Drains clogging

Clogged drains are hard to prevent because there are always some things caught in the drains. Luckily, it is easy to address this problem. Just buy a liquid drain cleaner and your drains can be easily clogged.

#4. Faucet Dripping

Do not think that dripping in the faucet is not a problem. Every drip from the faucet means the waste of money and water. Fix it immediately by calling a plumber or do it yourself.

#5. Fixtures Leaking

Fixtures that are used for many years will slowly create some leaks. So, this is actually a common problem. Leaks can be caused by worn or damaged seals in the faucet. Repairing the faucets should be based on the type and brand of the faucet.low water pressure in bathroom sink

#6. Low Water Pressure

If there are some clogging issues, the water pressure in an apartment can be low. So consider to replace the water lines by the help of a professional plumber.

#7. Water Heater Problems

Sometimes the water heater in an apartment is not working because of some different causes. The best solution for this problem is by calling a plumber since it requires a proper repair.

#8. Bad Garbage Disposal

Clogged fixtures mainly caused by improper garbage disposal in an apartment. So, make sure to not include easy to grind things such as bones or egg shells to the garbage disposal.

These are 8 tips to overcome plumbing problems and troubles in apartments that are useful if you want to fix them on your own.

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