8 Common Basement Problems and Troubleshooting Tips

There are numerous basement problems that usually happen to almost all basements in every house. However, every basement problem can be well addressed as long as the solution is properly done.basement interior waterproofing

#1. Basement Leaking

Leaking is the most common problem in a basement and even a small leak can become worse if it is not addressed properly. Leaking leads to wet; and wet can make a basement not really functional. Leaking can be repaired by hiring a serviceman to give the right system for the leaking.

#2. Failing Sump Pump

Failing sump pump mostly happen to a home with only has a single sump pump. The worse is that failing sump pump comes without a sign the homeowners realize and it can become the basement flooding anytime, so, installing two sump pumps is necessary.

#3. Foundation Cracks

The walls of a basement are easy to crack because of moisture. If the cracks are not addressed soon, they will become so much worse. The cracks should be patched as soon as they are founded.

#4. Humidity Problem

Just because your basement is not leaking does not mean that this is dry. There is always humidity in a bathroom even the ones without leaking. The humidity in the basement is caused by moisture that enters the concrete and makes the space humid.basement exterior entrance

#5. Basement Mold

Because of the humidity, mold is easy to grow on the basement walls. Mold is not just ugly, but this is also dangerous. You cannot risk your health by removing it by yourself and you should ask help from the professional.

#6. Basement Smells and Odors

The combination of humidity and mold in the basement creates a kind of odor no ones like. So, in order to remove the odors and smells, the humidity should be firstly addressed.

#7. Powdery Basement Walls

Humidity in the basement calls for several different problems not just mold and odors, but also powdery walls. Powders in the walls are ugly and unattractive. You can easily clean the powder from the walls, but it can appear again every time humidity passes the walls. So, you need to address the humidity by installing a rigid plastic to the walls for preventing humidity.

#8. Buckling Walls

The walls of a basement can be the source of problems because many things can happen to the walls at the same time. Buckling is one of the common problems happen to basement walls. Then the walls start to buckle, they might need to be rebuilt to fix and address the problems properly.

These 8 tips can help you to overcome basement problems and troubles effectively.

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